Train Themed Birthday Session at Historic Train Station | Pascagoula, MS

February 14, 2020

Misty contacted me several weeks ago to begin planning her boys a special shoot for their birthday’s this year. This one would be extra special because it is Tucker’s very first birthday! Both of these boys love trains, so naturally, we chose to have their session at the historic train station in Pascagoula, MS! Tate, who is turning 4 this month, was very excited to be so close to the tracks! During this session we had the surprise visit of not one, BUT TWO real freight trains! I couldn’t think of a better way to make this session more authentic for these sweet boys!

Tucker was all smiles when we began our session. The little man looked so happy riding on his little train! Thats when the first REAL train rode by! I held my breath thinking, “oh no, this little guy is going to be terrified!”. But nope. He was THRILLED! I think at first it did shock him a little bit, but with a few reassuring looks from dad, our little buddy enjoyed the loud rumble coming from the tracks!

Up next was Tate. Dressed in his jeans with suspenders, bare feet and a smile, he looked as if he could have jumped out of a vintage newspaper walking on the edge of the platform! The balloons he brought were the perfect touch to pull off his whimsical look.

I had so much fun with these boys during their session! And even though little Tucker got all tuckered out by the end, I still think he looked dashing in his little bowtie and hat for his turn to smash the birthday cake! And don’t worry, Tuckers siblings made sure not a single crumb of cake was wasted that day!


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