Engagement at Downtown Pensacola and Fort Pickens | Henry and Rhyanna

February 15, 2020

Several months ago, I got a phone call from Rhyanna, who had great news…SHE IS GETTING MARRIED!!! Henry was deployed at the time, so she had an extra excitement and anticipation for their wedding and his homecoming!

I absolutely love the way these two were introduced to each other! Rhyanna was working as a waitress one evening when she met Henry’s mom!! Now I have heard of stories of mommas trying to play match maker for their baby boys, but I have never met someone who it actually worked!! I think the fact that his mom met Rhyanna and thought, “This is the one for my son” is the sweetest way for a couple to meet! I mean, momma knows best right!? I applaud his momma too for knowing her son so well and being able to recognize when a perfect match for him enters into their lives!

So, without further ado, let me introduce you to the happy couple!! Henry and Rhyanna met me in downtown Pensacola Saturday evening. The weather was absolute perfection for their session! Not a cloud in the sky, and warm with a slight breeze. Pensacola was very alive that afternoon, but even with the possibility of on lookers, Henry and Rhyanna were so enveloped in each other, I think they hardly noticed! We spent some time downtown wandering the streets before we made a b-line for Fort Pickens to catch the sun before it set beyond the horizon. When we finally reached our destination, I grabbed my camera and told them to RUN!! Thank your Henry and Rhyanna for being such good sports and making it to our epic ending location just in time for the perfect sunset shots!! Actually, thank you for trusting me with not just your engagement pictures, but also that you have invited me to capture your entire love story and wedding! I can’t wait to see you all dressed in white!


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