Sunny Engagement in Downtown Biloxi, MS | Alyssa and Blake

March 16, 2020

OH MY GOSH!!! Can I just start out by sayin that we have had AMAZING weather the past few weeks!? I mean the temperature has been perfect, beautiful sunrises, and golden sunsets; I am living in a dream!! I think with all the chaos happening around us, we can get distracted and miss out on seeing how extremely blessed we are!! Meeting up with Alyssa and Blake Monday evening was EXACTLY what I needed to slow down, and really appreciate the goodness of God!

Their sweet energy created for them a world of their own, and I got to be a part of it for a minute!! We started a the gorgeous garden at the Beau Rivage Resort and Casino. Alyssa and Blake learned their poses very quickly and we got to have a lot of fun playing around and laughing the entire session! They are so full of joy and love for each other; its hard NOT to have a good time hanging out with them! We moved around Downtown Biloxi for the rest of the shoot from Mary Mahoney’s to an empty field, and finally back to the Beau Rivage, but this time, at sunset on the parking garage!!! The glow was mesmerizing!


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