Senior Spokesmodel Kylie Porter in Historic Ocean Springs, MS

Ya’ll. Can we just stop for a second and THANK JESUS for His goodness!?! With everything going on in the news lately, our perspective can get a little blurry. One thing I am SO grateful for right now is the gift of slowing down. I mean really slowing down and staying home! At first, I threw a little temper tantrum with #socialdistancing. I am a total extrovert, to say I NEED human interaction on a daily basis is an understatement! I realized, however, I also forget my NEED to get alone with Jesus on a regular basis. Social distancing is like what Jesus practiced when he would go away from the crowds to get alone and pray!

Spending more time with God and my family has overflowed my heart with joy and blessings. I can’t tell you the last time I was able to consistently wake up, fix my coffee, and have a peaceful devotion before I began my workday. Slowing down, I can appreciate the tiny every day things that I miss!!

I met Kylie this year when she got a spot on my senior spokesmodel team! While this year is not going anything like we expected, I am so glad Kylie decided to be a part of the team! I just love her heart!! I wanted her to tell you her side of the story for how her senior year is wrapping up!

“My name is Kylie, I was born & raised in a small town called Hurley, Ms. My senior year hasn’t been quite what I expected, the beginning was great the emotions were all there, my last year of cheering on the hornets football team and the excitement of graduating was all becoming so real. When 2020 came it wasn’t nothing like what I’ve waited 12 years for… the senior picnic, the senior skip day, our LAST prom & walking across the stage to receive our diploma was either postponed or canceled due to the coronavirus. The moment we’ve all been anticipating since we can remember was slowly being taken from us. But I find the light in all this from God, when I get down or upset over the situation I look up to him and I instantly feel relief that everything will be okay. When all this mess is over I hope to go to MGCCC for my basics and then go on to Ole Miss and hopefully be accepted into the Physical Therapy school! I have full faith that whatever curve balls come into life and at me God has a plan and that his will, will be done! My favorite verse is “Let not your heart be troubled; you believe in God, believe also in me.” John 14:1
I want to say thank you to Kayla for all the amazing pictures! She does a great job!”


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