KRP Senior Spokesmodel Jayda Hover | Downtown Mobile, AL

Well. The house is scrubbed. Grass cut. All the chores have been done. Twice over at least actually. This new normal of social distancing has been very productive in the Carter household!! I can say at first, I DID NOT appreciate the forced home stay, but at least for today, I am enjoying the new routine of hearing my son and his dad play games together, my new evening walks with my daughter, and the laundry that is no longer piled to the ceiling but instead all folded and put away!! I do the best I can to keep my hands busy so as not to let the mind go idle during this time of #socialdistancing.

Jayda met me in Downtown Mobile a few weeks ago to shoot her senior session! Jayda is one of those people that when she smiles, she warms everything around her! Her sweet and kind heart is intoxicating!! Just hanging out with her for any period of time is sure to put anyone into a good mood!! My heart breaks for her and all of our 2020 seniors with so much unknown right now concerning graduation, prom, and other fun stuff that is usually happening right now!! I absolutely love Jayda’s outlook on what is going on right now though, and I think you will too!!

“What a time to be a senior! It’s suppose to be a time of enjoying being with our friends at school, prom, senior activities, and soon to be graduation! For the class of 2020, we don’t know what our end of the school year holds! We don’t know if we will be able to be with our friends the last part of our high school years! We don’t know if we will be able to go to prom or senior luncheons or even have Honors Day! We don’t know if we will even be able to walk across the stage and have our family there cheering us on! All of the unknowns are scary and sad! We are now learning to do online learning which is a new adventure for all of us! We miss our teachers and all our administrators. You never know how much you miss school until you are not allowed to go! During this time I think we all have learned to never take anything for granted. We have learned that no matter what we are blessed and thankful for the privileges that we are allowed to do! To the class of 2020….we will make it through this and we will be stronger and better people! God is ALWAYS in control and He has a plan! Have faith my friends because God is still on the throne and he is our King of kings!!” – Jayda


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