Michael and Lauren Watson’s Family at The Old Place in Gautier, MS

Sunday evening was absolutely perfect for capturing our Mississippi Secretary of State, Michael Watson, with his beautiful wife and daughters! I was so excited when Lauren asked me to take these for them!! I brought my husband, Josh, along for the ride too. I have been working on him, wearing him down really, convincing him that he needs to begin learning the basics of photography so he can join me on wedding days. Want to know the best part about this shoot for me!? Josh flew solo as my second shooter!!! He got all of his settings spot on with exposure and white balance and even nailed his focus on every shot!! I bet you can’t even tell which images are his compared to mine! I don’t know if I should be excited we are moving towards being a husband and wife photography team, or a little scared he might be after my job HA!! Either way, I am super proud over how much hard work he has been putting into this dream of mine! I sure am blessed to have my best friend as my husband and business partner!

  1. Teresa Emswiler says:

    Kayla and Josh these photos are perfect!! I may have a few tears as I see these beautiful babies and their parents.
    I need one of each!! Love you!!


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