Aleesha + Michael Mississippi Wedding at The Barn at Homestead

I am so excited to share this sweet wedding!!

I began the day by meeting Aleesha upstairs at The Barn at Homestead. She and her daughter, Natalee, were still getting their finishing touches on hair and makeup so I grabbed Misty, the wedding dress and shoes and we headed downstairs to get started shooting! The Chapel framed her dress so beautifully, the all white interior is a photographers dream! When we got back up stairs Aleesha and Natalee were all dolled up and ready to get into their white dresses! Aleesha stepped into her dress with her mom there to help. This sweet moment I think is when the emotions of the day really began to hit Aleesha. Her and her mom shared some hugs and tears before helping Natalee into her dress. Natalee and Alessha looked so beautiful twirling in their wedding gowns and I am so happy I was there to capture this memory for them! Aleesha surprised Natalee with a special gift box and the two snuggled by the window as she opened it.

Michael showed me some awesome bow tie making skills I had no idea even existed! He crafted his bow tie from a necktie with his parents excitedly watching. His dad was there to help him into his jacket while his mom emotionally pinned his bootienier.

Before Michael got to look upon his beautiful bride, she shared a special first look with each of her dad and step dad. Then Natalee joined in on the excitement by making sure Michael had a first look at her too!

We positioned Michael in front of the White Chapel while Aleesha approached. I can’t help but get choked up every time I see a groom lay his eyes on his bride for the first time on their wedding day! The two share a few emotional moments together, soaking in the reality that this was actually happening. They are getting married!

The ceremony was everything you think a dream wedding should be. Full of love and covered in prayer, Aleesha and Michael exchanged vows and rings together, and with their daughter Natalee. The newly wed family drove off from the ceremony in a Vintage 1930 Chevrolet.

The reception that followed this sweet couples nuptials was full of fun and laughter! The ended the evening with a bubble exit and whisked away in that cool vintage car!

Congratulations Aleesha and Michael White!! I am so happy for the two of you! Thank you for allowing to capture every one of these precious moments on your big day!!


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