Barnes’ Wedding at The Steeple on St. Francis | Mobile, AL

It has finally happened!! Jared and Jordan are married!!!

This day was an absolute DREAM for me! Everyone that participated in Jordan and Jared’s big day was AMAZING. Like really, the sweetest family and friends surrounded this couple, and to top it off, the entire day ran so smooth and AHEAD of schedule. Like how often have you heard of an entire wedding day being ahead of schedule? Definitely a first for me!

I met up with Jordan and her girls getting ready at the Hilton Garden Inn near The Steeple on St. Francis where they were getting their final touches of makeup and having a good time dancing and singing around the room! Everyone was in high spirits, especially Jordan! After introducing myself to all of her bridesmaids, I took a minute to play around and get a few shots of them hanging out. They all piled onto the bed for a fun champagne pop, and Jordan took a moment to open a super special gift Jared got for her; a beautiful pearl necklace she had been wanting for quite a while!!

When we got to The Steeple for Jordan’s first look with her girls and her dad, that’s when things started to go embarrassingly wrong for me though. Ya’ll… I bent over and my dress split right at the seam in the back!! No worries though, Jordan’s mom came to the rescue with some safety pins and fixed me all up while I continued to shoot! Hold on to that thought…it gets better later in the night LOL

Fast forward to Jared’s first look with his bride. Grab your tissues because when you see his reaction to her you won’t be able to hold it together!! His face, his excitement…OH MY GOSH if his love for his lady doesn’t move you, I don’t know what else will! We spent a few minutes around Washington Square Park just taking in the awesome sunlight and beautiful scenery for a few portraits of these two love birds. The bridal party was waiting back on the bus itching to see the couple together, so we finally let them off to get some awesome portraits of the entire gang!

Once we made it back to The Steeple, Jordan and Jared took a moment to escape once again but this time to read a letter of love they each had written to each other. This beautiful intimate moment was the perfect way to prepare for the biggest event of the day. The Ceremony.

I cry every single time I hear a couple vow to each other before God and loved ones. I just can’t help myself! Since the day I met these two, I knew their love was real and it ran deep. With their family and friends watching, Jared and Jordan vowed to be as one in life. Something about this mystery of marriage makes my eyes water even now as I am thinking back at this beautiful moment!

I had blast at the reception this couple planned…but that is also where things got a lot more embarrassing for me! SOOO I have to tell you the story just because I find it to be therapeutic to talk about my most embarrassing moments at weddings… and this wedding happened to have my top two on my list! So, I go upstairs to the choir balcony to hide out while I prepared a preview of this sweet couple’s wedding day to present to them before the night was over. While I am up there, a few of Jordan’s bridesmaids walk up to rap a parody they created just for her (so cool!) Me, being the clutz that I am, and it being completely pitch black where I was standing, decided to take off jogging to the front of the balcony to capture not only the bridesmaids rapping, but Jordan’s reaction to her friends down below. Choir balconies have multiple levels, so what do I do once the room is completely silent? I fall down not one, but two entire levels, cameras in hand, flash pops, and there I lay, pride hurting worse than my knees. I felt the sound of my fall echo through the entire building, and I heard everyone in the room gasp. No one could see me, but oh did they hear me!! The sweet bridesmaid with microphone in hand gasped and asked if I was okay. Thankfully, I was, and told them to continue on while I hobbled to my position to capture their awesome moment! Nothing was severely hurt and thanks be to God my cameras and lenses survived the tumble like nothing happened!

Okay, so now that that’s out there; back to Jordan and Jared! These two danced the night away with their family and friends and made a grand exit with sparklers! Seriously my favorite way to see the couple get their grand send off by their family and friends!

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Barnes! It was just a joy to be your photographer!!!


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