Goff Family and Maternity on Lovers Lane in Moss Point, MS

As we bunker down and prepare for Hurricane Zeta to make land fall, I hope this sweet family gives you a break from the mental trials 2020 has brought to us!

Lover’s Lane in Moss Point is a beautiful; arguably the most beautiful street in South Mississippi! This street has some of the area’s largest, oldest live oaks arching over the street with all of their mossy goodness for the eyes to feast upon! I love that the residents around here have been able to witness a many of families, brides, and mom’s to be over the years as this spot is a favorite among photographers!! I spoke with a sweet resident once who excitedly told me a story of a beautiful bride standing right in front of her house and how it felt like she lived in a fairytale seeing such things right out her own front door!

The Jenni and Taylor chose this spot specifically for its beauty and charm, and I couldn’t be more happy they did!! Lover’s Lane provided the perfect backdrop for this family of 3 to celebrate the soon arrival of baby Luna and become a family of 4!

We stopped at the Pascagoula River side before our final location at the Cumbest Bluff Sawmill so we could have a chance to spot some of the wildlife buzzing around!! Cayden looked for birds flying around, and we even got to see some fish jumping in the river! Even though it might have made for a cool story later on, I am still thanking Jesus we did not encounter a gator on the river banks though!


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