Wack Wedding at Centennial Plaza in Gulfport, MS

The Wack’s wedding was absolutely stunning Saturday! I am so excited I finally get to share these images and the story of the day with everyone!

Thanks to hurricane Zeta, The White House Hotel in Biloxi, MS incurred significant damage, so only two weeks before the wedding, Paige and Quentin had to change locations! Talk about stressful right!? But, Centennial Plaza in Gulfport was able to step up to the plate and host this sweet couple’s big day without blinking an eye, and let me tell you, they did AMAZING! Everything was perfect and beautiful!

Paige began her day by getting ready with her mom and sister in the Bridal Suite at the Chapel. The weather could not have been more perfect that day. It was sunny, warm, but had a slight cool breeze! I arrived just as Paige was getting her final touches to her makeup and hair, and despite some of the stress that happened thanks to the storm, I couldn’t see it at all on her face! She was all smiles! Paige’s mom and sister helped her slip into her dress, and buttoned her up. LOTS and LOTS of buttons. Paige looked STUNNING in her dress, almost as if it was custom made just for her!

Paige and her dad shared a sweet first look before Quentin got to lay eyes for the first time on his bride dressed in white. The couple decided to share a first look together and I am so happy they did! I love first looks, not just because I get to capture extra portraits of them, but because I feel this intimate moment is so much more special when they can just be alone and breathe each other in for a second!

Quentin and Paige exchanged rings and vows before their closest friends and family. I can’t help myself, but I cry during ceremonies like this! It is just such an amazing experience to be present when two lives become one and to witness their love before God and family!

During the reception, the DJ played a game I adore. Starting with all of the married couples on the dance floor, he asked for couples married less than 10 years to sit, then 20, then 30 and so on until there was just one couple left standing! Its so awesome to see all of the legacies of long marriages dancing together, and then to finally see the longest marriage, Paige’s grandparents, still dancing at the end of the song! 59 years of marriage, now that is life goals!!

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Wack!! It was such an honor to be your wedding photographer! May God richly bless you with a long happy marriage!!


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