Mackenzie High School Senior in Biloxi, MS

Beautiful glowy sunset on the Mississippi Gulf Coast are what photographer’s dreams are made of!

As soon as I saw Mackenzie step out of the car I knew her senior session would be one to write home about! This young beauty is absolutely flawless and she was such an easy model to capture!

We began her session in one of my favorite fields just off the beach in Biloxi. Mackenzie twirled in the sunlight like she has been modeling her entire life! I really loved her first choice for outfits too! I may need to see if I can buy those blue earrings off her when she’s had enough of them LOL!

Before hitting the beach for our final outfit we stopped in at The White House Hotel for a few minutes and YA’LL! For real, I love them so much! I have such a hard time choosing favorites when I love every shot so much! I am pretty sure I was squealing every time I checked the back of my camera during this entire session HAHA!

Congratulations Mackenzie on killing it in highschool and moving on to your next life goals! May God richly bless you and all that you put your mind to in the next phase of life!


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