"as for me and my house, we will serve the lord."

I am Kayla Rashelle Carter. Born in Pascagoula, raised on Sand Island, and I ended up married to the greatest gift since sliced bread! Josh and I have been married over 15 years! We met as highschoolers from different counties, but with one hearts desire. Both of us knew EXACTLY what we wanted in life; even as young 9th graders! He had this love for Jesus that made my heart melt and within the first week of dating, I knew he was the beginning and end of my very own love story! We were married on June 25, 2005, and our love continued to grow with the births of our two beautiful children, Elijah and Gracie. I believe whole heartedly that God opened the door to photography so that I can serve my friends by capturing each love story as unique as my own in a way that will resonate with hearts and souls for generations to come! I have a heart and passion to reach into the lives of people of all walks of life and to capture unforgettable moments for them to treasure for a lifetime. This is one of the biggest blessings that I can both give and receive as a photographer!

You could say I have been bit by the travel bug!! Whether for work or for play, traveling to new places is a huge part of who I am! I gladly travel anywhere from New Orleans to Pensacola at no additional expense, but I am also elated by the prospects of new and exciting locals! BRING ON THE ADVENTURE! 

Traveling all over the Gulf COast and beyond

I believe in love and lasting relationships! That is why I am always so excited when I get to meet and work with new friends! When you have a friend; not just a photographer; who takes the time to get to know you, and knows your love story top to bottom, you can relax on your wedding day knowing you have a FRIEND behind the lens!

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